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Industry/Sector wise crane services:

Our Company has teamed with prominent national contractors to create magnificent cityscapes, Refineries, Power plants, industrial plants and many flyovers bridges etc.

The key sectors to where we provide equipments are:

Heavy Civil Construction:

In a Country where growing infrastructure drives the economy, you need a company that provides more than just lifting solutions; you need lifting engineers. We have all the supporting equipments that ensure the smooth flow of infrastructural projects.

GT Nova is experienced in handling heavy prefabricated elements such as concrete girders or steel structures that are assembled on site. We provide Construction support services for buildings, stadiums and other utility works. We have worked on many prestigious projects the Delhi metro rail (DMRC).

Chemicals and Refining :

With regard to refinery construction, turnaround, and maintenance, no other company offers the combination of experience, dedicated project management, engineering, and labor and equipment coordination as GT Nova equipments. From daily maintenance to major turnaround execution, GT Nova excels at providing elegant, innovative and economical solutions.

GT Nova is the resident heavy lift contractor for numerous Indian refineries and petrochemical facilities. Our crews have worked with Oil and natural gas Corporation (ONGC), Gas authority of India (Gail), Reliance and in many other refineries throughout the country.

Power Generation Plants:

Increasing development has paved a path for rising demand in power sector. In the current day situation, you need the latest technology driven cranes that serve the purpose in a stipulated period of time.

GT Nova has established a strong reputation in all segments of the power industry. Modules for any power plant are highly specialised facilities that are manufactured by just a few firms. In many cases, the heavy and outsized modules need complex transports to reach their destination, be it along roads, railways or overseas. This is a demanding job so our customers prefer an end-to-end, safe solution for the lifting and on-site assembly. This is exactly what GT Nova can offer.

Value added services :

  • Engineering and Project Management for crane rental projects

  • Crane and lift training

  • Engineered crane lifts

  • Crane rentals and crane rental services

  • Rigging services

  • Heavy lifts/heavy transportation services

  • On-site evaluations

  • Professional assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Industrial Crane Erection & Relocation

Cranes for Nuclear Power Plants

Cranes for Cement Industries

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