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Our Journey

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

We at GT Nova started diversifying our business operations and entered the crane hiring business in the year 2000 since the last decade we have progressed all along to become a professionally managed company assisted by a team of experienced managers, mechanics and operators. A strong customer-focused approach and constant quest for top-class services have enabled us to attain and sustain leadership position over the last decade in the field of construction and infrastructure.

GT Nova equipments is one of India’s leading end to end crane rental service providers; Specializing in offering an extensive range of equipments on hire basis; besides this, we also offer handling of oversized and heavy lifting projects. Backed by decades of experience we have earned the trust and respect of many reputed organizations throughout India.

Experience, speed and safety are the critical keys to every heavy lift or hauling project. For GT Nova, the lift is the easy part. Sound planning and engineering are fundamental to completing difficult lifts and hauling projects-major reasons for GT Nova's solid reputation. We have a wealth of experience in almost every major industrial sector. With the most advanced equipment, we provide superior service by leveraging the convergence of three areas of the business: Engineering, Equipment, and Experience.

ENGINEERING - For decades, GT Nova has provided heavy lift & heavy transportation solutions to customers in nearly every sector of the economy and every area of India.

EQUIPMENT – We can provide solutions for your project on land or water; lifts of any weight or height; and transportation on-site or over public roads.

EXPERIENCE - The experience our company has accumulated saves our clients time and money. Additionally, because the most important factor in any project is safety, solutions are developed to the highest safety standards.

We have a fleet of 100 medium to large-sized heavy-duty hydraulic and crawler cranes ranging from 20 tons to 500 tons. The company provides high capacity Mobile / Crawler Cranes for Erection, Shut-down, Shifting, Unloading, Loading, etc.

Backed by a fleet of cranes ranging capacity from 20MT to 500MT with Brands like Tata, Manitowoc, Demag, Grove, Gottwald, Hitachi Sumitomo, Kobelco etc, we have grown over the years, diversified our operations and developed an excellent and widespread customer base.

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